Back on Track

Matt and I were finally tired of just running an easy hour a day, so we started back on doing some workouts from the Daniels book again. I haven’t done a workout in nearly two years, and I’m sooooo much slower than I was before, but I need to start somewhere. Here’s a breakdown of my training over the last few days:

Wednesday, 10/10 – 30 minutes to the dirt track near Green Lake, 2 sets of 200, 200, 400 with equal rest, 30 minutes home. Kind of a long warm up and cool down, but we dropped the ball and didn’t look for tracks any closer. Did the 200s in 52 seconds and 400s in 1:46. Ugh, I’m so slow. I was doing 40s and 95s way back when, and even that is still slow. My hamstrings were utterly confused as to what in the world I was doing, but man, it felt good to be on the track again.

Tuesday, 10/9 – Easy hour with Matt to track at the bottom of Green Lake and back again. Just wanted to time how long it would take to get to the track. Legs are feeling sluggish, and calves are still sore from Sunday’s long run.

Monday, 10/8 – Easy hour with Matt on the bike trail near Shoreline. Fantastic weather for October in Seattle, and sad it’s going to be over soon. Really didn’t feel like running, but felt way looser and stronger than I expected.

Sunday, 10/7 – 2:12 long run on Cougar Mountain with Matt and friends. First long run over 70 minutes since my marathon in Ireland at the end of May. Yikes. Also the first long trail run since that race too. Double yikes. The legs were tired by the end from the rollers and my feet were incredible lazy in picking up over the roots and such. But, the trails were pretty smooth and it felt so good to be out there on a Sunday morning with clear skies and donuts and coffee in the plans for afterwards.

All the runs before Sunday have been hour long runs on the bike trail or around Green Lake, and it was a fantastic change these last few days to go to other trails and to the track. The plan for tomorrow is mile repeats at tempo pace; should be interesting.

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