It Starts with a One-Way Ticket

Julie biking

Julie on a break during our 4 day bike trip in Michigan

It’s been said that some of the best adventures start with a one-way ticket. At least, that’s what we’re hoping, as I have no idea who said that or what validity it has. These past few weeks since the trail have felt like being a bouncy ball at a Flaming Lips concert. A completely fun and cool concept which adds to the experience, yet doesn’t really accomplish anything other than the fun aspect. It has been worth every minute of catching up with friends and family all over Ohio, and we’re looking forward to the 3 week East Coast Road Trip beginning tomorrow, yet we somehow feel quite directionless. Or in the words of Rocketcop, which was in the words of Phish, we are “Destiny Unbound.” We have nothing we have to do, yet we want to take advantage of this opportunity we have in life right now.

Our life right now is the “No Strings Attached” kind of life. No job, no home, no kids, no commitment other than to ourselves and to a budget that allows for a modest amount of fun time before we have to face the real world again of work and “normal” responsibilities. We’d like to do all things that are either impossible to do with kids, or just a logistical nightmare to not even be attempted. There will come a time to “settle” in some sense, but that time is not now. We feel a push to leave Ohio, but feel no pull to go anywhere else. Somehow the other end of the magnet isn’t working, or we just haven’t figured out where it’s pulling us just yet.

Hence, the one way ticket to Portland, Oregon. We had already planned on flying out there for me to run the Hood to Coast relay, a 2 day event run by teams of 12 runners spanning the 200 miles from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast. I signed up forever ago and haven’t yet experienced the “Mother of All Relays”, as it’s called, so that was our primary reason for flying back to the West Coast. From there, the plans are ever evolving. Right now we plan on purchasing bicycles when we get there and biking down the West coast, all the way to the bottom of the Baja Peninsula, where we’ll visit friends. From there, which should take about 6 weeks to 2 months to bike, we are open to any and all opportunities that may arise. We could stay in Mexico, go to Central and/or South America, sail somewhere…the possibilities are endless, and since we don’t exactly have to decide on anything right now, we simply won’t.

Seeing that we are open to ideas and that we at least know our first leg of our journey, feel free to put in your two cents about where we should go/what we should do. We at least know that we don’t want to travel just to sight-see. We like to travel with a purpose, we live for the experiences along the way, and have a modest budget to do so. Lastly, sort of a house-keeping item, but the website is going through some tweaks, updates, and improvements before we head out on the bike trip. We’ll send out an update once the face lift is complete, but will be posting stories and pictures in the mean time for the road trip. Most of all, thanks again for being a part of Urbyville.

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