So Now What?

Matt shaving

Matt shaving off the last of his beard from the Appalachian Trail.

We’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail, we’ve had the ups and the downs of the trail, met good people and had amazing experiences, and I got the experience of the Lyme. We even have loads of Urbyville followers now and everyone is wondering, So Now What? What are you doing next? Are you going to settle somewhere, get a job, what’s going on?

And the answer is…drumroll please…we don’t exactly know yet. I can hear you now saying, “but you had over three months out in the woods where all you had to do each day was walk and think about what was next”. And you are right. The difficulty here is that with all that time, I had the Idea but I had to keep walking. Then I had another big idea, and another, and another. You get the point. We’ve had so many ideas, so many lives we want to live and it’s hard to choose what’s next.

We actually think we have somewhat of an answer, at least the start of an answer anyhow. We don’t think we’re settling anywhere right now or getting into any sort of major routine just yet. This path would actually break the mold from our past adventures but this time around, we think we’re going to take a little more time before hopefully joining “The Parenthood Party”. We’re thinking of some sort of big fun adventure but the specifics are still not completely clear.

But please don’t worry. We’ve been hanging out with our parents in Findlay, OH and Cincinnati, OH for the past week where our bodies have been recovering; we’re enjoying the comfort of a bed again, along with many other creature comforts of the world. We’ve also been doing lots of research and brainstorming. I have been able to talk and email with many people and am collecting adventure ideas left and right. This is all building to what is next.

The current leader in the idea surge has to do with some sort of around the world adventure; if we can figure out how to incorporate some water-based travel (sailboat, kayak, canoe, raft) that would be a huge bonus. We go back and forth between a “mission” focused adventure like a thru hike and a more free-floating type of trip where we go where the winds take us. We are not set on much of anything yet, though and we are all about getting new ideas and connections so please contact us if you’ve got the adventure for us. One thing we know at this point is we have one way plane tickets to Portland, OR for 8/23. Julie is signed up for the Hood to Coast Relay and I am driving the van for her team so we needed to be out there. We also figured that by the time we get there, we’ll be ready to get going again. We’ll have had over a month of chilling and visiting so we figure what better way to start a new adventure than a one way ticket.

So in conclusion, nothing is set in stone but we are moving towards further adventure. As for, we are keeping it going and hope to keep inspiring and entertaining those that have taken to following our adventures. This aspect of the journey has been so much more meaningful for me than I’d imagined. That said, please feel free to contact us with suggestions or ideas and thank you all for being part of our adventure.

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