Julie May Training Log

Since we’ll be hiking the CDT this summer, I won’t be running or racing again until the Fall, which is fine by me. I’m looking forward to the break in running and hoping that the strength my legs get from hiking will be helpful for running later.

Monday-Wednesday, 5/20-5/22

40 minutes around Findlay with Matt. Just trying to hold on to whatever shape I’m in until the trail. I even threw away my old, tattered running shoes after today’s run so I could start fresh after the trail.

Saturday and Sunday, 5/18-5/19

45 minutes with Matt and Jeff on Saturday in Madison, WI on trails. Definitely one of the prettiest runs I’ve had in a while. Ran 45 minutes with Matt on Sunday before leaving Madison and ran along the lakefront. Two really pretty, early morning runs in a row and great weather all weekend.

Friday, 5/17

35 minutes on the treadmill in Chicago before heading up to Madison. I just didn’t want to make the effort to find a route in the city in the morning and I knew there was a fitness center where we were staying (Thanks Sean!).

Thursday, 5/16

Off. Flew from Seattle to Chicago and it really did take all day to get there.

Wednesday, 5/15

25 minutes around Greenlake in Seattle. The first run since the 50 and I felt surprisingly springy. It was nice just doing one loop and heading back home.

Tuesday, 5/14

Hour walk at Green Lake in Seattle. Today was the first day I wasn’t sore from the race, so I’m recovering quicker than I thought, though my ankles, feet and calves are still quite swollen.

Monday, 5/13

Off completely. Still driving to Seattle and just happy to be out of the car.

Sunday, 5/12

Off completely. Really sore in random muscles and ankles really sore and swollen.

Saturday, 5/11

50 Mile race. Ice Age 50 in Wisconsin. Finished in 10:09.01 and had a really crappy race. Read race report here.

Friday, 5/10

Off. Took all day to drive to Wisconsin. Really tired after such a long day.

Thursday, 5/9

45 minutes around Findlay and felt really crappy. Really sore right calf the entire run and it was a completely flat run. Really nervouse for what this means for the upcoming race.

Wednesday, 5/8

63 minutes on the trails in Mt. Airy. Completely embarassed myself by falling within the first 10 minutes of the run, as this was the first time on trails since the last 50 miler in mid-March. Yikes. Felt ok for the run and was barely able to keep up with Matt.

Tuesday, 5/7

46 minutes on the bike bath with Matt. Did 4 strides in the middle of the run to try and pick up the pace. Again, I felt tired and sluggish and am just so tired of feeeling crappy.

Monday, 5/6

45 minutes on the bike path with Matt. It was raining and gloomy all morning and we waited until the afternoon to do it, but we still got it done. My achilles never hurt but it doesn’t feel completely normal yet. Definitely worried about the upcoming race.

Sunday, 5/5

Off. Watched Rumblestrip run his first race ever, the Flying Pig Marathon, here in Cincinnati. He ran 3:35, just like that. It was fun watching him race and being a part of such a new experience for him. The rain held out until his last couple of miles, so we were glad to head back to the car after he was finished and it rained all afternoon.

Saturday, 5/4

60 minutes with Matt on the bike path. The first half felt awful and then we did 6 thirty second strides in the middle of the run. It sort of shook the pain out of my quad and I felt better the second half. Achilles a little shaky but not painful.

Friday, 5/4

60 minutes on the bike path with Matt. Sort of just suffered though a lot of right leg pain during the entire run. Ugh, I am so flustered with all this pain on really easy runs.

Thursday, 5/3

40 minutes at the reservoir with Matt in Findlay. First run after a couple days off from a touchy achilles and I definitely felt better. It doesn’t hurt, it just doesn’t feel strong.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/1 and 5/2

Both days off. Enough pain in my right achilles to warrant some rest days so I not only don’t jeapordize the 50 miler, but so that I also don’t mess up the CDT.

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