Matt’s May Training Log

This is it, my last few weeks of training prior to switching from running to walking.  With our upcoming 100+ day hike of the CDT on the horizon, I have only one more race on 5/11 in Wisconsin to prepare for.  After the WI race, I simply want to stay fit and not gain weight before hitting the trail.


Wednesday 5/22/2013
This is it, last day of running for a few months. The run was anti-climatic and actually not very comfortable. We ran later in the day, I probably ate too much today so I felt full and sluggish, and my knees were just a little achy after running sidewalks the past few days. We did the same loop that we’ve done the past couple days through downtown Findlay for 40 minutes.

Glad to be finished for awhile. It has been a good season and one that gives me hope and motivation for the next. However, I’m really excited about hitting the trails for a few months and getting into a different kind of shape. I think it’ll be good for my running, mentally and physically. I have kept up my push up streak for over 2 months now and plan on keeping that up while on the trail so at least I’ll still have a little upper body tone when I finish hiking. My legs should be strong and thin. All I’ll hopefully need is to rev up the aerobic engine again and I’ll be back in business. Onwards!

Tuesday 5/21/2013
Another downtown Findlay loop day. We got out a little later than yesterday but still got it in by lunch time. Good thing we’re not running much longer because I’m not too motivated at the moment. But with knowing this is the last hurrah for awhile, I am still getting out there on the pavement. 40 minutes today with Julie and we are now down to one more day to go.

Monday 5/20/2013
Running the roads in Findlay, OH yet again with Julie. It was warm and sunny today, no shirt weather. We did the Sandusky to Main to Sixth St. loop, 40 minutes total. I feel fine, recovered, and ready to race again…or go for a really long hike.

Sunday 5/19/2013
Ran 45 minutes with Julie this morning along the bikepath in Madison, WI before breakfast. It was sunny and pretty out. I felt good. Ran on the dirt path next to the paved path for much of the run.

Saturday 5/18/2013
Ran with Jeff and Julie for 45 minutes in the Madison Arboretum. We wandered around on the various trails and had a good conversation. We all felt like we could have continued on for another couple hours if our schedules allowed it, but today is Jeff’s graduation so we had to end it at 45.

Friday 5/17/2013
While Julie went and ran the treadmill in our cousin Sean’s rooftop apartment gym in Chicago, I took the day off. I didn’t necessarily need it but I also wasn’t eager to run. The pull to get out there knowing I have no races coming up and knowing I’m going hiking very soon is pretty weak. I’ll be sure to do something over the next week so I don’t get sluggish but it’s total maintenance mode at this point.

Thursday 5/16/2013
Day off for travel. We had to get up early to finishing packing everything away in Seattle before we left. Then it was off to an early breakfast with our friend Anna before heading to the airport for our flight to Chicago. Once there it was more food and fun with our cousin Sean. Therefore, easy choice to take today off.

Wednesday 5/15/2013
Julie ran again and we did 25 minutes around Green Lake together. I feel good and am happy to be running. It’s nice to be off pavement and running the old familiar loop. We even checked out a fancy apartment (for this coming fall) that is right on the lake and would be perfect for training. We’ll see…

Tuesday 5/14/2013
First run back since the race. I felt surprisingly fresh and springy. I walked with Julie around Green Lake in Seattle for 20 minutes or so and then ran a little on my own. My knees were a bit achy, right knee especially. I had some general muscle aches in various spots that seemed to come and go throughout the run, but overall it was a good run. I only went for 22 minutes but it’s a good start back – even if I don’t have any more races between now and the hike. Oh well, good to be in shape for the big hike.

Monday 5/13/2013
Arrived in Seattle after over 24 hours of driving. No running for the day but my legs are feeling surprisingly recovered relative to past ultras I’ve run. My joints don’t ache and it’s mainly been muscle pain the past 24 hours, and muscle pain that isn’t altering my walking stride. Score!

Sunday 5/12/2013
Woke up in the hotel room this morning and limped to the bathroom. Both knees are stiff and achy to the point that I can’t bend them too much. Better than previous races though.

By the end of the day after sitting in the car all day, half of the time with my legs stretched out and elevated, I can thankfully say that the stiffness is subsiding quickly.

Saturday 5/11/2013
Ice Age 50 race. 9th overall, 2nd in age group. 6:44 finish time (second best ever for me). Happy with the race despite fading a bit in the second half. Need better, more focused training but given what I put in, I’m exceedingly happy with what I got out of it. Read the race report HERE.

Friday 5/10/2013
Day off leading up to the race. We drove from Findlay to WI and then were at packet pickup for 3 hours selling books. No worries about taking today off. Ready to go.

Thursday 5/9/2013
Ran for 45 minutes around some neighborhoods in Findlay with Julie while we waited for our car to be serviced. It was warm and windy and Julie was exceptionally in pain. Hence, we went slow, which was fine by me. With all that has been going on, I am happy to simply be running at this point.

Wednesday 5/8/2013
Mt. Airy run with Julie, Chris Reis, and Johnathon Jones. Though it was a sunny, pretty day, the trail was wet and muddy. From the get go we were slopping and sliding around. Julie bit it early and even got her face in the mud. We were slow and cautious and glad for the good company on the run. Ran a total of 63 minutes on the trails, my old stomping grounds back from my UC days. We then went to the AYCE Indian buffet for Vegan Wednesdays! Good day.

Tuesday 5/7/2013
Another run with Julie on the flat bike bath here in Cincinnati. We did 46 minutes total with 4 x 30 second strides in the middle of the run to mix it up. I feel fresh and springy on my feet. I think I’m ready to race, but it’s hard for me to ever really know if I’m ready. I don’t plan on doing anymore workouts prior to the race.

Monday 5/6/2013
45 minutes on the bike trail with Julie. Easy run day where we both simply wanted to make sure we got out and ran.

Sunday 5/5/2013
Planned day off as we followed Rumblestrip around as he ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon today. It was rainy and crappy out so a good day for a day off.

Saturday 5/4/2-13
Ran an hour on the bike path again with Julie. It felt like we were running faster than yesterday. I’m fine at this point running any pace with her. I’m in “get recovered and feeling fresh and fast” mode. It’s working well as I feel as if I can take off and run fast at any point.

Friday 5/3/2013
Ran an hour with Julie on the bike path. She was hurting a bit so we went ahead and did strides, 6×30 seconds. I felt good and fast. Nice to be moving on a flat, fast surface, even if it was paved.

Thursday 5/2/2013
40 minutes in the morning with Julie around the Findlay Reservoir. Nice and easy. I was a bit sore and tired from yesterday. I could feel it in my left soleus and right hamstring.

Wednesday 5/1/2013

Good start to the month even though I didn’t make the entire workout as I had planned. I got my dad out on the bike again so he could pace me and help break the wind on the country roads. I wanted to do a Tempo/MP marathon mixed workout which has me changing gears throughout the run and having to recover from the tempo portions of the run while staying at MP pace. We did 13 minutes warm up followed by 2 MP miles (5:57, 5:59) with 1 tempo mile at 5:35. I pushed too hard early and I never fully recovered from the 5:35 mile. My stomach was a bit achy as I went thorugh miles of 6:00 and 6:05 before dropping down for another tempo mile, this time in 5:45. At that point I shut it down and did my 12 minute cool down home and called it a day. 61 minutes total. Mixed emotions on the workout, mainly positive. Happy I can do 6 miles as I did today, would have liked better self control and made it a little farther, but oh well. Glad to get a workout in and glad to have my Dad riding alongside me.

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