Mid-trail Thanks

We’re nearly half way through the trail and need to give thanks. First, family, thank you for the constant support.  With this, we feel as if we can take on any challenge.  Mom, thanks for being our super resupplier and Rocket Cop and Jess, thanks for taking over the duty after Julie’s little CO hiatus.
Second, getting mail when we get to town absolutely rocks. The Finnigins and Mondas have been serious champs here by sending cards and notes to nearly every stop on the way. Theresa has sent a funny or inspirational note to every stop while Ashley Monda has made  great homemade cards almost every stop. Eric Schneider and Gaither Smith sent a super sweet box of goodies with possibly my favorite treat yet:  soy jerky.  In all my years hiking I’ve never eaten jerky, and now that I’ve had soy jerky, I can’t get enough. I also loved the mango and the candied ginger among all the awesomeness you sent. Recently, we received a great box from our Semesky cousins.  Ashley rocked it here with healthy snacks and sweets that hit the spot this past weekend in Rawlins, WY.  Lastly, it has been really wonderful to have Julie’s sister Laura get involved in our lives and be part of our adventure by supporting us.  Thank you for all the thoughtful notes and gifts.
One of the most unique aspects of this trip we are thankful for has been all the support from those we don’t know personally. Through Julie’s books, the website, and our Facebook page, we have gotten many kind and supportive notes that make us smile and feel special each time we read them. Thank you very much.  Lastly, at least for tonight, I’ll say thanks to all the angels out there helping us with rides, support while we are on the trail, people leaving coolers filled with goodies alongside the trail, and those who have taken us into their homes.  This aspect of the trail is amazing and we are seriously grateful. We will have much more to say about these great people later, probably in a book.
With all these great people and their kind support, along with our own inner drive, I am confident we will do all in our power to be successful and to make everyone proud. This really is a group effort so thank you all for being part of this and pushing us onwards to Canada.
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