The Next Step with our Hiking Books

We have three published books about hiking (Julie has done nearly all the work on making these books happen). They’ve all been for sale for at least 18 months. We’ve had thousands of copies downloaded. It’s been a rewarding experience in many ways. The work was largely put in on the front end to produce the books and to make them available. Auto-pilot and inertia have largely been in control since.

The Trail Life

The Trail Life was Julie’s first book. It’s written as a collection of life lesson themes learned during our 2007 PCT hike,


Our ideal for the future of our books is to have the books easily and affordably available to anyone interested in learning about the long distance hiking experience.


The easiest way to summarize our books is that all three books attempt to portray aspects of real life on long distance hiking trips. The books are honest, thoughtful, and somewhat raw. They’re total homegrown projects with the writing, editing, and producing all being done in house by Julie and me. We’ve used online tools available to us in an attempt to share our stories about these formative life experiences.


Between a Rock and a White Blaze

Julie’s second book is about our 2011 hike on the Appalachian Trail. This book is a chronologic narrative of our trip from GA to ME.

We do make money on the books. We don’t make a living from selling books. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of books that have been purchased and are thankful that the Amazon platform for promoting books to a wide audience is available to people like us. Amazon has also provided us with programs and incentives for achieving our next aim for our books. In order to make our books more available and affordable, Amazon has a variety of promotional offers currently, including book giveaways, free downloads for Prime members, and countdown deals which enable us to lower prices to $0.99 per download for short time periods. With our three books, we are able to take advantage of these deals to frequently make our books very accessible.


  • For Prime members, any of our books can be borrowed for free.
  • The Kindle Unlimited program enables any of our books to be read at any time.
  • Every few weeks, we’re also able to provide super-low prices and even free book giveaways.
  • Everyday low price of $2.99 on all our books


If you’re interested in taking advantage of the special deals and giveaways, follow us on Facebook, check our website, or follow us on Twitter to get updates on when the books are available.

A Long Way from Nowhere

We co-authored this book, alternating chapters as we tell our story on the Continental Divide Trail in 2013.

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2 Responses to The Next Step with our Hiking Books

  1. Jack Nolan says:


    Just finished A Long Way from NoWhere. Enjoyed it a great deal. Your writing styles match up quite nicely. It flows well, reads easy and you paint good pictures.

    I will check out your other books as well.

    Good luck with the kiddo. THAT is the hardest thing you will ever do. The coolest, but the hardest.



    • Matt says:

      Thanks Jack. We appreciate all the luck that comes our way, and as much as we try to prepare for the kiddo, we know there is only so much that preparation can do for us. Glad you enjoyed our book; thanks for the positive feedback. We have some more book promos and free giveaways in the near future so stay tuned. Cheers.

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