The Theory of Everything

The end of the couple’s relationship, watching them both drift from each other and to someone else was the most impactful and meaningful aspect of this movie for me. I felt sad and upset, even though I understood how and why it happened. I wanted someone to be there to hold and care for Jane. However, it hurt to watch her fall for someone else and away from her husband. I felt similarly for Stephen. His new love connected with him in a way that made his life feel better in a way that Jane wasn’t able to. However, the dominant feeling for me was sadness for the loss of their relationship, one that began with love and commitment and ended with drifting and new loves.

My reaction is to cling to my love and commitment for Julie. We have a special love and watching a couple deep in love lose their love served as a cautionary tale. Communicate, build love and intimacy, and continually focus on making the life of my love as good as I can.

It should be mentioned that I did appreciate the storyline of overcoming challenges, the value of hope, and of working toward big lifetime goals. However, the relationship storyline, and all the emotion wrapped up within it, was the most powerful and dominant storyline for me.


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