Train on the tracks

Training has been an absolute train wreck since mid-January when my lower leg issues started.

I’ve tried to be proactive throughout, staying on top of the injuries and diagnosing them as well as I can.  I rested for two weeks before RR100 and had MRIs done on my left leg/foot and lower back.  I DNFed that race after 55 miles but not because of my feet.  I took a week off after RR100 and eased back into it with easy running only to have the bones below the inner ankles above my arches start hurting, first the right, and then the left.  I used homemade orthotics to give some temporary extra support.  This worked immediately for the right but I limped along for almost two weeks on the left without it getting better.


The dirt track at Green Lake, oh how I miss you!

The dirt track at Green Lake, oh how I miss you!

I finally pulled the plug on my training two weeks ago after another group run with me limping along and my left foot sore to touch.


While I don’t hurt anymore, I can still feel some residual pain in my left foot and am tentative to start up too soon.  At the same time, I want to race and I want to be back in good running form again soon.


Keeping the big picture in mind, I want to be ready and in shape for the Tahoe 200.  I want to do long crazy mountain runs this summer.  Ideally, I’ll race a fast road marathon early summer and maybe a 100 as a tune up to Tahoe.  So my plan for now is to work on my core while I’m not running and only ease back into running when I have full confidence that my feet are ready.

I want to be here, running mountain trails ASAP!

I want to be here, running mountain trails ASAP!

Core work…ugh.  I’m not a fan of this sort of thing but I also think it’s super-important for running and for healthy living in general.  My plan is simple for now and may get more complex as I progress or learn more.  For now I’m doing P90x Ab Ripper X 3x/week.  It’s 15 minutes and it works me – I’m currently really sore because I did my first session on Sunday.  I’m also doing the Myrtl exercises for my hips 3x/week.  This is a less intense exercise and a good compliment to the more intense ab work.  To top it off, I’m doing 10 pull ups per day and 5 prison cell pushups each day.  I’ll also be keeping up our yoga every Monday and Friday.


My hope is that I’ll be back training within the next week or two.  I’m going to actually do for myself what I do for the athletes I coach which is write out weekly training plans and then track my results.  I don’t necessarily feel like I trained poorly before or made bad training decisions but after the past two months of on and off training trying to dodge injury, I’m over it and want to be meticulous in order to be able to keep training.


I am itching for summer and the trails. I’m getting facebook posts, emails, and other updates from friends that are starting thru hikes and getting ready for big adventures.  I too am feeling the pull for the outdoors and when the season starts I want my feet to be ready so I can keep the train on the track in order to keep training.

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