Some darn good training

It’s time for another update on my runs over the last several days. I finally feel like I’m getting back into a routine where I’m getting faster and it doesn’t hurt so much to go further. I did find out from a blood test last week that I’m deficient in iron and below the lowest of the low-end on the scale of acceptable iron levels. So that explains why I’ve felt so tired after plodding for an easy hour on a flat bike path! I’m hoping with iron supplements and a few more track workouts and long runs that I really start to run better. I’m getting tired of looking like a jogger.

Today, 10/22 – Literally ran errands today, as I ran 15 minutes to the dentist near Green Lake, had my x-rays and exam (damn, two cavities!), then ran a lap around Green Lake and ran home after that. Felt fantastic, considering I ran about 16 miles yesterday on pavement. It was a chilly 45 degrees outside with that notorious Pacific Northwest mist, but no matter, I felt great.

10/21 – 2:15 long run on the Burke Gilman Trail (paved bike path, thankfully flat) and a loop from Gasworks park around Lake Union. Soooo wasn’t in the mood to do a long run when I woke up to cloudy skies on Sunday, but rallied for the long run, and glad I did. The sun actually came out, and most of the run was fantastically flat, with one exception to cross the bridge near UW. It was a great tour of Seattle, as we ran West on the bike trail and explored a bit before coming back and doing the Lake Union loop. We went to a vegan cafe afterwards and delighted in a “sloppy joe” sandwich and a thai peanut salad. I could have eaten triple the serving amount, which is probably best that I didn’t.

10/20 – SAM – My acronym for Slow Ass Miles. I run ridiculously slow on Saturdays now because they usually follow track workouts on Friday and because Matt has class and isn’t able to run with me. I ran, er jogged is more like it, 45 minutes in the cemetery near our apartment. Three loops around the property has been my run of choice to go super slow without Matt to push the pace.

10/19 – Track workout at Green Lake. We ran 25 minutes to the track and then did 3xmile tempo with a 200 meter rest in between each mile. I was only aiming to go 7:57 pace, but when I hit the first 200 at 49, I thought, “Whoa, Sally! I’d better slow down or this is going to kill me.” I did slow down, but not all the way, and ran 7:35, 7:31, 7:26. The pace felt ridiculously easy and my breathing barely changed, so I just went with it. After a 25 minute cool down home, I was toast. I took a hot shower, shoveled in some pasta and veggies, and barely had the focus to stay awake past 10.

10/18 – Off! Thursdays have been the regular off day, and I loved it. I was tired from Wednesday’s workout and wanted to feel refreshed for Friday. I did walk about 45 minutes total, but that’s about it. Definitely felt the guilt of not running creep in by that evening.

10/17 – Track workout. Same workout as last week but a slight increase in pace and sets. Ran three sets of 200, 200, 400 at Green Lake after our typical 25 minute warmup to get from our home to the track. Ran 50-51 for the 200s and 1:44 for the 400s. Certainly not warp speed, but if you saw my form, you would know I have zero raw speed, so this is still big time for me to even try and run anything faster than tempo pace. Same 25 minute cool down home, and I was pooped.

That’s all for running for the last week. I’m glad I got my blood tested so that I can increase my iron and hopefully feel better on the runs soon.

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