Two Years

Two years ago today we signed in for the last time at Fisher Investments.  After over three years of pushing ourselves to succeed in the corporate world, we felt satisfied and ready to move on to new life experiences.  And what an experience it’s been since.

Since leaving the working world, we’ve spent time in nine different countries, driven much of the US, ran 23 marathons and 8 ultra marathons, we’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Colorado Trail, biked the west coast, Julie’s published her second book, and I’ve finished all my nursing prerequisites.  It’s been a busy, awesome last two years.

In July of 2011, we joyously finished the 2181 mile Appalachain Trail from Georgia to Maine

We’ve made new friends too.  Everywhere we go we’ve met good people and because we’ve been off the beaten path we’ve met other adventurers, people that share our passions and see their world of possibilities much like we do.

We’ve kept some really good friends too.  As is often the case in life, some relationships deteriorate due to time and distance.  Yet, for us, some have continued growing, and some have even flourished as we find we have more and more in common with some of our long time friends which has made the friendships all the more special.

Good times with our friend Chris Reis and my brother Jeff in Georgia during Marathon Madness 2012, with 5 marathons in 5 different states, in 16 days

In some respects, time has flown by, but it also seems like because so many unique and wonderful experiences have occurred over the past two years, it feels like a lifetime ago that we were logging into our computers and talking with clients at the office.  While the pre-adventure days often flew by and could easily be clumped together due their sameness, the past two years have been a collage of varied and new experiences that are very memorable due to their uniqueness and power.  Bottom line, we’re really glad we made the decision to take the leap into a world of unknowns and explore more of what this amazing life has to offer.

A day at the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland during our European tour in 2012

While looking back and taking stock is fun and worthwhile to do, we are also very excited about the future.  We have gotten used to this adventurous, nontraditional way of living and we’re looking forward to keeping it going.  In just over a week from now, we have a 50 mile race in Kentucky.  Shortly after that, we’re hoping to catch a plane to Bangkok in order to learn more about their culture since we’ve never been to Asia.  After that it’s getting our food and supplies ready for the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail which we hope to begin end of May.

View from our bicycles as we make our way from Portland, OR to the border of Mexico during the fall of 2011

What a wonderful life.  We’re optimistic and happy people.  We’re also very thankful for all the opportunities we’ve been given along with all the great people that have helped make this adventure possible.  Thanks to everyone, whether you have become part of our story directly as friends, or indirectly, by supporting us, be it through the website or Julie’s books.  We’ve had a good ride, we’re enjoying life, we’re doing our best to help others do the same, and we’re looking forward to all that’s to come.

Climbing to the highest point on the Colorado Trail, a 485 mile hike we completed in September 2012



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